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  • Wealth Management

    We've been helping clients on alternative investment opportunities ever since the inception of our company. Today, thanks to this heritage, we have a range of investment options that meet the needs of our different clients. Because of our exceptional alternative investing know-how, clients can benefit from our experience, global industry knowledge and institutional investment platform. Our conviction-led approach is driven by investment performance and the needs of our clients. We have a long history of identifying and working with what we consider to be 'best-in-class' personnels, and we focus on identifying exclusive opportunities that we believe will deliver returns that reward an illiquidity premium. With an extensive community of clients and our wider internal network, KFI connects those with the potential and the impetus to drive business growth with the businesses of tomorrow.

    This area of our business offers you products with clear investment profiles based on your holistic investment needs. Your portfolio can be based completely or partially on products developed by Investment Solutions. We offer three kinds of investment solution products of which index-managed equities and fixed income based products are one kind. Our offering includes active, rule-based funds which enable us to manage global to local investment universes while focusing on equities. We also provide funds with a multi-asset approach - here our flagship products are total return-oriented funds. Index products aim to provide cost efficient, exacting exposure in specific investment areas. The performance targets of our rule-based products relate to their respective benchmarks; they also aim for a lower absolute risk than their benchmark. The primary goal of our multi asset products is to create total return at varying risk levels as well as minimise the drawdown risk. Board of Directorss of highly specialised, experienced team members ensure thorough research and insightful decisions.